Who we are

EuropeXpansion is a company based in Amsterdam that represents international companies and assists them with their first steps on the Dutch and European market. Our goal is to increase the turnover of our customers in the Netherlands and Europe, quickly and profitably, and without the cost and risk risks associated with opening a local office and hiring of local staff.

Our team consists of experienced business managers holding a University Masters degree from one of the top business schools in Europe and Asia and have helped several companies to launch their business in Europe. We have access to a network of consultants and specialists that have worked numerous years in the international business arena and are experienced in all areas of business; including sales, strategic consultancy and marketing & social media.

EuropeXpansion: your gateway to Europe.

What we do

EuropeXpansion offers various services to international companies to assist with their expansion in the European market. The services include, but are not limited to branding and marketing, customer service, sales representation and translation services. For more information please visit our services page.

Advantages of working with EuropeXpansion:

  • Increase your turnover in Europe with limited start-up costs.
  • Avoid setting up a local sales office and hiring local employees with strict local employment laws and high social security costs.
  • Market penetration is done efficiently and smoothly.
  • Everything will be communicated in local language to foster trust with your customer:  translation of website, press material, product descriptions and customer service.
  • We are experienced in all levels of business, including: sales, marketing, customer service, financial analysis, market research.
  • We operate from The Netherlands, which is the perfect gateway to Europe.
  • We offer performance-related pay of fixed-rate fees, in various packages, depending on your needs and budget.

Think global, act local