Why expanding your business to Europe?

The European continent is both lucrative and appealing to overseas companies for several reasons:

  • The economy of the European Union generates a GDP of over €12.894 trillion (US$16.566 trillion in 2102) making it the largest economy in the World
  • Europe has a consumer market of 500 million people with a purchasing power among the highest in the world.
  • The European Union has removed the obstacles that once got in the way of imports and exports, and businesses are now free to transport and sell goods throughout the European Union.
  • Trade is fostered by not having any currency differences to deal with amongst most members.
  • European Union has set down rules to guarantee free and fair competition within its market.
  • The Netherlands is regarded as the gateway to Europe due to its geographic location, high-quality infrastructure and cost advantages.

Could your company benefit from the services offered by EuropeXpansion?

Is your company facing one of these challenges? EuropeXpansion can help you!

  • Do you want your company to grow, expand its potential and move into the European market? But you don’t know where to start?
  • Are you already selling your product in America or Asia, and thinking of Europe to tap into an attractive consumer market and increase your sales? Are you interested in initially exploring the market potential without setting up a local office straight away?
  • Are you a supplier for wholesale companies in Europe? Have you considered eliminating the middlemen and directly selling your products to the end consumer, thereby increasing your profit margin? Are you looking for help to approach your end consumer?
  • Due to the global economic downturn, you are experiencing diminishing orders from your current wholesale clients. Are you looking to expand your wholesale network in Europe?
  • Have you created an (innovative) product, which you would like to launch in Europe? Are you looking for insights in the market potential and consumer demand?
  • Do you need help to determine the best product launch and branding strategy for your product in Europe?
  • Are you already selling your product in Europe, but your sales levels are behind expectation?
  • Do your potential customers prefer local customer service?
  • Do you want to communicate (website/social media) with your customers in their local language, but you lack the resources to hire local employees?