Market Research

To increase your sales in Europe, it is important to first learn about your customers, your competitors and the market. EuropeXpansion can perform a through market research analysis and provide information on products, consumer trends, demographics, companies and competitive landscape.

This business intelligence enables you to make informed decisions about your international strategy. EuropeXpansion can produce standard reports or reports that are tailored to your needs.

Components of the market research may include:

  • Industry information
  • Target-market demographics
  • Customer trends
  • Market size and characteristics
  • Competitor analysis, incl. benchmarking price-levels
  • Feasibility study: understand the market and determine whether enough demand exists
  • Marketing strategy: optimal Marketing mix (price, product, place, promotion)
  • Online Marketing Costs: Google Adwords, Facebook campaign, etc
  • Possible domain names
  • Desirable store locations
  • Sales forecast

Do you require any other information for a particular business decision, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will tailor the market research to your specific needs.