PR & Marketing

Marketing activities in the local market are essential to create customer interest in your product or service. EuropeXpansion engages in identifying, anticipating and satisfying your customer requirements. The appropriate marketing mix should consider the local target market. Moreover, Public Relations can be used as a bigger part of the marketing mix. It is an excellent tool allowing exposure without paying for it directly.

What can EuropeXpansion do for you:

  • Customize your  marketing materials to local customer needs
  • Plan and execute your e-marketing strategy:  SEO, Google Adwords, Affiliate programs, Facebook ad campaigns.
  • Plan and execute your social media strategy: Facebook, Twitter, blogs.
  • Keep your website up-to-date with new products, news and activities
  • Attend local trade fairs
  • Set up your local press kit
  • PR activities: maintain relations with local press and influencers, write and distribute press releases