Sales Representation

EuropeXpansion can help your company increase sales in the local market and represent your product professionally, avoiding the costs and management of setting up a “sales office” and recruitment of local staff.

Local sales representation is also important since consumers prefer stores and retailers with a local presence and appreciate communication with a company representative in their own language. The existence of a local (email) address, webshop and customer service is highly valued and fosters trust.

With EuropeXpansion you can benefit from an experienced, professional sales team that can assist you with the following:

  • Product introduction into the local market, based on a go-to-market plan outlining sales strategy, focus and goals
  • Engaging and follow-up with new prospects and target accounts
  • Advise and help with the local implementations for your website/webshop, including trusted local payment method
  • Organize Sales events
  • Customer Service: inbound and outbound via email and telephone
  • Physical address
  • Pre-sales and after-sales support
  • Select best location for actual shop